Plans on our next (long overdue!) conference are forthcoming:  planned for Spring 2018 in Baltimore.  

Our conferences have driven CLEA’s work through the years.  Since 1994 we have met every other year (until recently) – almost always on the campus of a member school.  Theses are not academic conferences where papers are read.  We think of them as gatherings for committed educators dedicated to refining their practice, and their programs.  Conference sessions are generally set up as panel presentations and discussions.  Keynote presentations have also informed our meetings.  Some sessions have been designed for key administrators from our schools – helping them to appreciate the unique nature of liberal arts learning in the arts school setting.

Our previous conferences (in this decade):

Fall 2013: “Creative Cartographies: Paths for Liberal Arts in a Changing Media Landscape”  hosted by University of North Carolina School of the Arts in Winson-Salem, NC

Fall 2011: “Liberation & Deliberation: Conversations on the Liberal Education of Arts Students”  hosted by Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA